Introducing new student conveners of c!ab 2021


Greetings! ✨ We are the student conveners of Creativity Laboratory (c!ab) 2021.
In 2020, it was probably a hard and challenging year for all of us. We had to stay at home all the time, and we missed our university life. Is there anyone who even hasn’t been to WYS college yet? T_T
Although there have been many restrictions and rules under the pandemic, we should be open-minded to explore other possibilities. We can spend more time to explore the beauty of Hong Kong though we can hardly get on a flight and visit the world. In this year, we are going to hold a series of activities about the 70s-90s Hong Kong through face-to-face activities, if the pandemic has been eased, and the online programmes. We hope that students can learn more about the history of Hong Kong, and to admire the effort of our predecessors as well as to develop the sense of belonging to our Hong Kong through the activities.
We also hope to provide a platform to connect creative minds in Wu Yee Sun College. Serving as an “innovative playground” for students to explore ideas across disciplines, c!ab hopes to allow college students to unleash their creativity and relieve stress at the same time.
c!ab is a place where ideas are gathered and actions are taken. Stay tuned for our upcoming events and make sure to follow us on Instagram (@clab2021_cuhk ) and Facebook (WYS c!ab CUHK) . Our activities and workshops in 2021 are going to be so much fun so make sure you don’t miss out!

The student conveners of Creativity Laboratory 2021 (from left to right)
Arts and Cultural Stream, Viola Chan ELED/1
Science & Technology Stream, William Luk Medic/1
Sociopolitical Innovations Stream, Aska Lo IBBA/1
Arts and Cultural Stream, Natalie Woo Medic/1
Design Thinking Stream, Kevin Tai Phy/2
Design Thinking Stream, Moria Leung Sci/1
Science & Technology Stream, Joseph Leung Medic/1
Entrepreneurship and Management Stream, Mabel Lau PACC/1
Entrepreneurship and Management Stream, Kelly Chan Sci/1
Sociopolitical Innovations Stream, Catherine Chan Fintech/1

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