Introduction to Micro Video Production (Part B) 微電影製作初探 (下集)


Source of picture: @liquidbonez (Creative Commons License)
您將學習基本製作技巧: 由
劇本和故事板的發展,鏡頭和拍角度、距離的操作,以致如何處理場面調度,及後期製作技術,如音效、字幕和過場效果等的配撘。你唯一需要的裝備是你的智能手機和筆記本電腦或台式電腦。我們還會告訴你如何把完成的video上傳到YouTube和Vimeo。星期四晚上見!You'll learn the basics of script and storyboard development, camera angles and movement, and most important of all the post-production techniques of editing, sub-titles, and transition effects. The only equipment you need is your smart phone and laptop or desktop computer. We'll also show you how you can upload that onto YouTube and Vimeo. See you Thursday night!