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A combination of hair gel onto hair removal pads.

WYS General Education

Remember the hassle that you have to deal with when your hair gets stuck and tangled on your hairbrush? This is especially irritating to people with long hair. A couple of years ago the industry came up with an idea of implementing changeable hairbrush pads, as shown from the image from the right. This pad allows you to input the pad before you use the hairbrush and remove the pad with ease. By lifting the pad up, it takes away all the hairs that got stuck onto the hairbrush along with it. I would personally say this is one of the most intelligent invention of all times.  


Moreover, don't you just hate it when you have to gel your hair in the morning, but have to use your bare hands to dig into the pot or squeeze hair gel onto your hands to apply them? That stickiness of the gel residue and scent left on your hands can drive one nuts! 


How about, one day, you wont ever have to apply hair gel with your bare hands again? By using such invention, users can quickly brush their hair in the morning while simultaneously gelling their hair to their designated style, without even having to touch one drop of it! Also, the pad will catch all the tangled hairs, making an easy removal of tangled hair on the brush. This product should provide a more convenient way to get ready in the morning and a more efficient tidying up procedure for later.  I hope you like the idea! 

[photo source from: http://tipsoncosmetics.com/hair-gel/ and http://info.gift.hc360.com/2011/04/251029385174.shtml from left to right.]

Huang, Wan-Ping (Amy). 1155058634.


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