Closet with ventilation


Smell comes from the clothes? 
Bothering to wash the clothes after a short outing or not?
Clothes for the next season are mouldy?

I come up with an idea which is...

A closet with more ventilation.

Life Hacks

- General closets are spacing with 1 or 2 thin boards
- Replace with:

* multi-layer spacing

* on each board, gaps are made every 1-2 inches for better ventilation (Recommend to store    clothes of the last season)

- A ventilation fan with cover (prevent from drawing in sleeves)
- On-off switch is equipped for energy-saving
- remove the smell of mothball(will be mentioned in #4)

- A rack for hanging clothes/socks that have been worn once only (after the last washing)
- promote ventilation before people wear it next time

- A flexible mesh style pocket for storing mothballs
- Mothballs are used for keeping insects away and prevent moulding
- Flexible pocket

* mesh pattern allows us to see whether it is time to change the mothballs (mothballs will become smaller over time)

* prevent direct contact of clothes and mothballs (mothballs damage materials like silk and nylon) ​

It will be great to have any other suggestions of improvement. Thank you.