"The CU Cloud" app


This app aims to connect all the students from different colleges in CUHK. As we all know that not all advertising banners by each club is even distributed throughout the university. Some banners are located only at certain areas. Hence, students will be unaware of some of the activities held by the clubs and therefore miss the opportunity to participate in the clubs'activities. With The CU Cloud app, everything will be solved. As all the registered clubs in CUHK will have an account that has an authority to post advertisements on the app. Every student in the university will be able to login to the app by using their SID number. When they login into the app, advertisements by various clubs will appear on their homepage. Students will hence be updated with the activities held by the clubs in the university. If a student is only interested in activities held by certain clubs, he or she can click on the "My colleges" button and click on the college that holds the activities he or she is interested in and hence obtaining the information from the posts posted by the targeted college. There is also a "My Student Corner" section of the app, where students can leave comments and feedbacks regarding to certain activities hence sharing their thoughts with others. When they leave comments on the "My Student Corner" , only their SID's will be visible to others and hence protecting their privacy all together. Students will be more comfortable in leaving their comments. By this app, the banners, fliers distributed by the clubs will be lessened as they have this centralised app to advertise to all students. This inevitably reduce pollution of the environment, further enhance the green image of the university altogether!

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The idea is interesting. Nonetheless, the hardest part is adoption. Will the clubs and associations willing to adopt this application if they already have something similar in place? Will they perceive that there will be extra works on their parts that they're not willing to spare? If you team decides to work on this project, you've to validate with these potential adopters to find out what will make them consider your offer. Find out more about some hidden assumptions that you're not aware of and have not considered in your validation through interacting with these target users.