CUHK Walking - Global Hiking Exploration /【中大行路】「行」出香港


Throughout this journey, we would like to promote hiking culture and slow living by media productions, and to share natural beauty to other Sunnies and even other students in CUHK by hiking Jungfraujoch (snow mountain) and Fagradalsfjaill (volcano). We aim to literally prove that life challenges can be overcome with courage, perseverance, and an open mind.

Rance Lee Award

Before talking about the creativity of our program, let's have a brief introduction of CUHK Walking (【中大行路】 ). There are two initiatives of this project. At the beginning, I noticed that junior students in CUHK are not familiar with the surroundings and environment of CUHK due to the non-stopping pandemic situation and having online classes. They have few chances to experience our environment because of lock-down and always get lost when they come back to campus. Another case is that freshmen have no ideas about locations at university. As I remember, we, as a freshman, always headed down and focused on Google Maps. To address these problems, we have created a series of videos on YouTube called CUHK Walking during summer, to help them to have a basic understanding of our surroundings, ranging from the abbreviation or nicknames of some key buildings (e.g. LSK, WHM, MMW vs MMW Engine) to some stories behind their humanistic spirits, and top 6 shortcuts through CUHK campus. Up to mid October, there are about 6000 views on YouTube after 1.5 month from releasing the series. More importantly, our videos are quite popular among freshmen, some of them responded positively that our series did help them a lot, and we believe our influence will continue to expand.


Back to our current plan, the biggest difference of this project compared to others is that we are going to compare our experience on hiking volcanoes, snow mountains, and regular mountains after this trip. Hiking undoubtedly became one of the most popular local sports during the pandemic period, and people seem to be fascinated by enchanting sceneries on the top of hills. The hiking trails in Hong Kong are well-known in goble because of their convenience and diversity, from short educational trails to steep mountains.

Being local hiking enthusiasts for years, we then started wondering: “What if we try to hike those types of mountain which cannot be found in Hong Kong?”; “How would it be different when comparing these hiking experiences?”... It is not a rare case to find someone who conquered a volcano or a snow mountain independently, but we seldom heard of people putting these two extreme hiking tasks together, which is the crucial point why we would like to do it as well, and we are confident to overcome this mission.

SIU Hoi Hin, LIN Zhaojie