Elite PLUS


To raise awareness of the psychological need of elites and provide early-stage management to their mental distress by building a peer community and adopting the worry time technique.
We aims at helping the elites to find a plus version of themselves.

Sunny Passion Programme

What kind of the social issue / problem will the project tackle?
We wish to tackle anxiety among high-achieving students in Hong Kong. More than 50% of university students in Hong Kong suffer from anxiety or depression, which is associated with an increased risk of suicide. Beyond the terrifying statistics, anxiety levels among high-achieving students are often underestimated.  Their mental wellness further worsen when they find that people neglect their feelings and they have no one to talk to. Moreover, existing professional psychological assistance offers little help to the group of students whose mental health problem is yet to reach the degree of clinical disease.
How is the project different from other projects addressing the same social issue / problem?
Typical psychological interventions or counselling service offered to students are usually targeted at those who are in very difficult situations, such as failing to graduate, rather than stressors Elite students face (such as feeling depressed after getting an A-). ElitePlus aims to fill this service gap by offering self-guided low-intensity interventions and psychoeducation activities tailor-made to high performing students' scenarios and providing a community that can truly understands and empathises with their stressors.
Who will benefit if the project is implemented?
High-achievers and students who aim to achieve high, who have mental distress will be benefited. They will learn to relieve their stress via joining activities with their peers having similar needs, learning some psycho educational knowledge, and the worry time technique.


Chan Sin Man, Chan Tsz Yau, Chu Ho Hin Owen, Ma Ka Ching, Yeung Ka Yiu


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A nice idea from a unique aspect. Yet, university counselling provides various counselling services based on what you are facing, including the stress faced by elites. More research/questionnaire data is suggested to investigate the actual demand for this area. Also, without long term guidance from professionals, stressed students linked together may not develop a positive vibe.

—“I am not…” Team