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A lot of university students are suffering from mental health difficulties but there are a lack of facilities and psychiatrists to help deal with the situation.

Heaven's Floor gives students and staff the capacity to respond to peers in mental health crisis.

Through training in Mental Health First Aid, we raise awareness through information sharing and reduce the stigma associated with mental health problems.

We encourage people to seek support at an earlier stage to promote recovery.

We also aim to provide interventions that do not rely on specialists and are modified, brief, evidence-based therapies.

Sunny Passion Programme

Project Heaven’s Floor intends to provide students of CUHK access to mental health and social support resources, filling in the gaps that the University has not met in its current capacity. Drawing upon current capacities offered, Heaven’s Floor will synergize and incorporate initiatives already existing. 

Currently, about 1 in 3 students in Hong Kong require mental health support. According to WHO, depression is one of the leading causes of illness and disability among teenagers, death by suicide is the third most common reason for teenagers to die and the consequences of not addressing mental health in adolescents extend to adult life, impacting the health of the adult population, limiting their contribution to society and detrimentally affecting their family.

While existing initiatives such as UPals in CUHK and Mind HK do provide social support and mental health first aid, there is an urgent demand for further and more comprehensive support for the students of Hong Kong.

Project Heaven’s Floor will serve as a comprehensive pilot project in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) as a proof-of-concept for the provision of  social support and mental health first aid. Heaven's Floor will draw together existing social support offered through UPals, provide training through MindHk in Mental Health First Aid, reduce stigma in Mental Health issues and show that there are staff and students who are not only willing to respond to this need, but are well-equipped to do so as well.

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Jonathan Chen Nai Cien


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We are impressed that you have already had a complete proposal and potential cooperation. But as it will be an immense project, we are concerned that the workload will be too heavy if there is only one person in the team. Also, we are curious about the cost of hosting these activities when there are so many vectors.

—“I am not…” Team

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nice idea!