Lost and found


Stuffs like keys and wallet could never be found everytime when you need them. Especially when it is urgent, for example when you need to pay and you couldn't find your wallet. I have been thinking of a way to solve this problem.

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Most people have their smartphones with them that they will never need to find where their phones are, and the app "Find my iPhone" has inspired me.
What if we design some sort of device like a modified keychain or a little clip which can be attached to the object, that could make a sound or signal to tell us where it is, and we can always turn on that device by an app installed in our phones. Every device will have a unique code to pair up with the app in the phone, and so that when we need to look for our keys or wallets, we can use the app to turn on partically the device on the object we are looking for, while others will not be able to turn the device on except the owner, who has the device and his/ her phone paired up.
Do you have any better idea on solving this problem?

Lo Sum Yi Sammi


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For the battery's part, since things like keys and wallet are our daily necessities and we will carry them everyday, so when we are walking, we can charge the batteries by kinetic energy, http://www.saikatbiswas.com/web/Projects/Livecell.htm like this "Livecell", its just that the size of the cell would need to be decreased to fit the size of the device. The limitation is that this device can only apply to objects that we carry with us everyday.

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ooo...what's an interesting idea ! I had the same experience before... I wanna find my TV remote control but I could not. If your device is then adhered to my remote control, I can easily can find out where it is via my iPhone. That's surely fabulous! Nevertheless, I am concerned about the price and feasibility regarding your device. Having a wireless connection requires professional techique and a large amount of production cost. Is it worth having a tiny device atttached to the product with high cost? Or does it affect the beauty of some products? I have the same opinion with Bernard's idea regarding the shortage of battery. I do agree that your idea is good if you can come up with the solution fixing the problem above. Keep going!

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Can you visualize how the device can communicate with you if it is inside a drawer or out of battery? Visibility and sound can provide feedback but each with its limitation. With so many devices to be tracked, what would the app's user interface look like for people to use it with convenience and enjoyment? Can you build a prototype to find out if UX issues have been addressed? Check your assumptions by going through different user stories and you'll be amazed that there is a lot of wisdom from other people out there instead of relying only on one's limited speculation inside one's head.