Magnetic Gym Suit


In the first GE lesson, our group raised a problem which a blind gym coach may encounter. The coach may touch certain part of the client's body and this may cause sexual harassment!

WYS General Education

I think that the gym suit with magnetic property can help to solve this problem. With the client wearing magnetic gym suit and the coach wearing magnetic gloves, part of the suit and the gloves would slightly repel each other when the coach touches certain part of the client's body. 
Of course, both the suit and the gloves have to be of the same pole!


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You made quite a few assumptions. Will a blind person choose to work for a gym? Will a gym hire a blind person? Does insurance policy cover a visually impaired person working in a situation that may increase his or her risk in getting hurt? Please do your research to find out if that is an existing problem. I think the possibility of wrongful "sexual harassment" accusation can happen to blind people. You may want to find out more about it by talking to them. I believe they would give you more suggestions from their real life examples of the circumstances that your possible solution may be able to help.

Your immediate step is to talk to the visually imparied on this topic and to find out more about the problem before specifying your solution. Nonetheless, you've an interesting problem to solve.