No More Spilling


Starting off from a simple problem is what I best thought would get my mind going, and maybe produce solutions to more major problems. So I would like to start with a very simple daily life problem that I believe most people have faced in their lives.

The problem being spillage with coffee cups.

WYS General Education

We often make our own coffee, hot chocolate or tea, and would like to take the finished product back to our comfortable sofa, however we face the major problem of spillage. This problem is often more emphasized when we wish to also make a friend's coffee and require a pan to carry the cups.

1. Change the shape of the cup
        - make the top of the cup cave inwards so that it diminishes the risk to spill
2. Install a cupholder on the pan which would hold the cups in place.

These two very realistic solutions, and are aware of the problems that may be faced for solution 1. As drinking maybe uncomfortable due to the caved in edge on the top.
Personally I prefer the first solution over the second because the second solution may still create minor spillage regardless of the installed cupholders.

SeHee Kim


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Yes, I understand, so I would like to emphasize more on the tray, rather than the cup, because usually when someone tries to transfer many cups of coffee, spillage occurs. So rather than the cup, I would like the spotlight of development to be on the coffee tray.

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Actually, such kind of cup already exists. If you do a search on non-spill cup, you'll come up with many choices.