Organising Messy Wires


The picture below is actually taken from my room. It shows that all the wires are tangled up as I have plugged lots of sockets into the extention lead. Not only it is an eyesore, it also causes some other practical issues. For instance, I encounter difficulties and have to untie the knot of wires when I want to take a specific wire. Moreover, my white wires are starting to turn grey as they have been lying on the floor for a long time. 

WYS General Education

It would be nice to think of a way to solve this problem. For example, having a box to put the wires in place, so they stay organised and dust-free inside the box. However, details of the the box still have to be developed as we have to make sure the charging wires are easy to reach for. 


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If you do a Google image search on "wire organizer", there will be numerous items displayed which may meet your need. The question is: why would you build something that already exists? Is your solution cheaper, more effective, and included with features that others do not possess? I'm sure you can find this out from others whom you've interviewed to validate your assumptions, whether there is value in what you propose.