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Sunny Passion Programme

Executive Summary:
Responding to the rising popularity of online shopping and the long-standing overpackaging issue, our business idea is to simply reduce waste by creating a new platform of green packaging service with reusable packages.
1. What kind of the market needs your business idea is addressing or creating? 
In today’s society where civil responsibilities are emphasized, more and more people are aware of ways to be environmentally friendly. Our business idea is to provide an alternative for e-stores to send goods in a zero-waste way apart from using service the disposable packages made of mostly plastic or cardboard from traditional mailing service providers such as HK Post and SF Express.
In a board sense, we are creating a greener market for everyone. In a more specific sense, we are addressing the market needs of companies who are willing to take further steps to fulfil their social responsibilities and build a greener reputation. We believe, as time moves and environmental issues getting more serious, leading a sustainable life and running sustainable businesses is the future trend. Many evidence have shown that big and small companies are taking greener actions, for example ZARA and H&M has put forward a new line of apparels created with environmentally friendly materials, and with no doubt small sale naked stores (裸賣店) has been supporting zero packaging. Corporations that use our service can send a clear message to their customers of the green objective those companies have hold by action. Our service will also allow sale naked stores to expand their businesses to an online platform without violating their ‘no waste’ principle and make green business more possible.

2. What is the uniqueness of the business idea? 
First, we are in line with the global trend and ahead of it locally. As we have mentioned, a green way of living is currently the biggest trend in the world so as in the business sector however, Hong Kong does not have much services with such philosophy, therefore we are going to be the first. Under capitalism, people always think that environmentally friendly way of running a business equals to sacrificing their profit and we are showing them how to achieve harmony in the two seemingly contradictory ideas.
Second, our reusable packages will be of good quality and design. They will be made of recycled materials yet strong and secure for sending almost every item with no original packages needed (we will not be happy with unnecessary packages in our reusable packages). Regarding the design, we would have three sizes that cater for different products. Also, it will be made foldable to facilitate the allocating and returning procedures.
3. Who will benefit if the business idea is implemented? 
Online stores that are frequent users of express service will be benefited in a way of a better business reputation that echoes the global trend and expectation on a business’s social responsibility and a lower cost for delivering their goods to their customers. Business that are trying to expand without violating their green philosophy has an alternative way now. Public that concern about over-waste and customers of business that use our service can also participate in saving the Earth and fulfilling their responsibility to protect the environment easily.



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An innovative idea about packing waste. We are curious that what material you would like to use for the product and how strength it is. But we think that you may also develop the upcycle material to replace bubble paper for the fragile products. We have a concern about the traditional way of the delivery company for example, even packed with the original package, SF company still require staff to put the content into their bag before delivery.

—“I am not…” Team

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It is hoped that the problem of excess-packing will be eased through this project, though problems, like difficult to find suitable e-shops as partners, may arise. Let's solve social problem together with the help of our college!!

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A good idea for giving the alternative option of single-use packages, but how are the packages going to be transferred from customers' hands back to stores and who is responsible for the cost? How to ensure the safety of the packages especially if the products are fragile (such as glass)?