College Signage Design Competition Entry #2

Challenges and Competitions

Design Brief

Radiance is a signage design that communicates themes of creativity, innovation and green living through the demonstration of minimalism. As an idea inspired by the beauty of simplicity, the design itself is centered on and constituted by prismatic geometries juxtaposed with subtle ornamentations to provide a sense of elegance and refinement without excessively clustering features or components that might be redundant and hence a distraction of the viewer's focus.

The signage compliments, or rather, disengages the dark ambiance of the exterior building envelope of the college that might appear unwelcoming to coming visitors at night time. The structure of the building is very ordered and systematic, along with the cold colour tone it magnifies the sense of gloominess and emotionlessness. As a solution to the problem the signage is therefore embedded with an LED lighting system, which allows the illuminating letters and the logo to be seen clearly from a distance and is capable of flooding light with minimal energy consumption, hence linking with the element of 'green' as well.

Attached on the adjacent side of the signage is a prism that radiates light rays to the feature wall. This additional lighting system enhances the feeling of warmth and security that the signage symbolizes, hence the name Radiance.

Design Specification

To guide visitors to the college, with great visibility at day time and night time.

Signboard, wall-mounted, no additional suspension required.

Area of contact with the building envelop is large, levitated from the walking ground so that it will not interfere with the pathway.

Enclosure of the signboard mostly consists of corrosion resistant metal alloys, allowing it to withstand extreme weathers & lowered likelihood of replacement.

Physical appearance as an identifier of the core values of the college – 'Creativity', 'Innovation' and 'Green'. The minimalistic approach avoids confusion and is consistent with the visual identity of the college. The arc shaped section connecting with the prism features fluidity that adds on a touch of elegance.
Tsang Hau Kin
Engineering Yr 1

*Please reference Radiance design concept
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