Social Consulting Immersion Program 社創顧問實踐計劃


In face of the ever-alarming social issues in Hong Kong, 180 Degrees Consulting@CUHK (180DC@CUHK) is driven to launch the Social Consulting Immersion Program to extend our impact to a wider spectrum and create an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in alleviating social problems through creative communication solutions.

Established in 2020, 180DC@CUHK is a student-led social consulting association under 180 Degrees Consulting as the largest social consultancy serving socially-conscious organisations around the world. Through helping local social enterprises to identify their true potential and design innovative communication solutions, we aim to nurture young power to pursue a purposeful career path and empower social entrepreneurs with our human-centric, innovative yet practical ideas. 180DC@CUHK also organises events for students to learn more about social consulting and issues in Hong Kong. Within 2 months of establishment, 180DC@CUHK has already attracted 50+ student helpers and secured collaborations with various socially-conscious organisations in Hong Kong.

The early success of our organisation encourages our team to dream bigger and extend our influence to more students through our Social Consulting Immersion Program to be launched in Semester 2 of the academic year 2020-2021. The practicality and career-oriented initiatives of 180DC@CUHK accurately fill the margin between one-off volunteering opportunities and high-intensity social entrepreneurial initiatives, which leads to the overwhelming response from our students. Thus, our immersion program aims to not only provide social consulting introductory workshops but also an opportunity for students to experiment with their impactful suggestions for social enterprises with the assistance from industry professionals. The theme for this year’s program will be community building, which aims to encourage students to learn more about building a greener and healthier society through engaging with social entrepreneurs of relevant backgrounds as well as the community. We focus on the long-term sustainability of the program and hope to pave the way for participants to engage in 180DC@CUHK’s social consulting projects for actual clients or our self-initiated social research in the next academic year after acquiring basic knowledge during the immersion program.

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