Sunny Social


Overview of Sunny Social
Sunny Social is a social media platform, exclusively for the residents of the Wu Yee Sun college, that promotes networking with its prime focus being the enhancement of user’s academic and professional aptitude. As a result, users can not only connect with their fellow residents but also the Exchange students in attempt to associate themselves with a greater array of opportunities both here in Hong Kong and abroad alike. Complementing such goals, it also provides opportunities for the juniors to consult the alumni and senior students regarding job opportunities and postgraduate education as well as an outlet where students can seek and offer help to each other. Additionally, it also serves as a medium for the college to collect feedback, spread its announcements, showcase resident’s achievements and promote college activities. Features proposed within our platform:

  1. Global chat room and private messaging
  2. A newsfeed consisting of all the posts for help and services offered by the residents.
  3. Separate communities for the various clubs in Wu Yee Sun.
  4. An individual official account on the platform for each individual enrolled in Wu Yee Sun
  5. Discussion board where both the college officials as well as the students can put forward their opinion and mitigate the differences therein.
Sunny Passion Programme

Peer-tutoring: As students, one of the most crucial problems we face is the completion of our academic tasks. While some of us are self-sufficient in that regard but the majority requires some form of assistance. One straight forwards solution may be to seek help from the peers in the class, however that solution soon proves to be inadmissible once we realize that everyone may be busy at times of need. At the same time, it is not possible for one to take turns and ask everyone else if they are willing to help. Additionally, when we are asking for help from our peers we are missing out on the opportunity to confer with the students who had already enrolled and excelled in the courses earlier.What our platform proposes is an opportunity for the students to post and seek advice from not only current students but also past residents as well as any other individual who possess sufficient knowledge regarding the topic of interest. Residents may reach an agreement between themselves regarding any transactions on their own since such personal details would not be policed by the administration.

A Global chatroom: Despite the fact, Wu Yee Sun prides itself for hosting the International students, most of the emails and Instagram posts are still in Cantonese. Not to mention, our survey has revealed that most residents do not even check these emails and posts due to their unappealing demeanour. As a result, international residents miss out on the exciting opportunities posted by the college and fail to capitalise on the resources offered. Moreover, the college assembly which every resident is required to attend, is also conducted in Cantonese. Thus these superficial attempts of integration are clearly ineffective.Our platform would consist of newsfeeds that would advertise these events and opportunities offered by the college in English so that they would be accessible to all. Additionally, through this platform, even the students who have graduated would remain available for advising the current residents regarding their career thereby forming a networking hub. Even the exchange students would remain a part of the Wu Yee Sun community after they have left. All of this would only enrich cultural diversification and provide a greater base of outreach for the residents to bounce ideas from.

Sanjana Mahmood Md Mashiat Muhtasim Khan