TED Talk Party


TED Talks are fun and inspiring, but it's too tough to watch it yourself at home...


Everyone knows TED Talks are fun and inspiring. But sometimes it is difficult to motivate oneself through picking a right video and listening to the English speech. So how about having some friends watch it together?

Imagine we had an "editorial panel" to pick videos for us. We can have clab open for one night a week for TED Talk playback -- much like a movie night. Let people gather and get inspired. This brings about a collision of ideas -- the source of creativity.

To extend this idea, maybe we can even have participants picking videos in an improvised manner, or share their own ideas in a few-minute-long presentation!


bernard's picture

This is a great suggestion! I like it very much. Wow, do you have a team ready to turn this into a project? I would like to talk to your team on this. Please make an appointment with me.