Thinking of starting an online meetup platform for students at CUHK


I want to create an online platform for CUHK students to meet others who have the same niche hobbies and interests as them. Interested parties please contact me by email.

Life Hacks

Hi there. I'm new to this website so please excuse any formatting issues. I'm not sure if this belongs here but I'll just post this here for now.

I've been thinking of creating a meetup platform for CUHK students which is similar to this c!lab website. Through the website, CUHK students can meet other students who share the same niche interests and hobbies and they can even get together to join volunteering events together.

I know that there are numerous "jongs" at CUHK but the truth is that there is an infinite number of hobbies and interests out there so not all of them have related "jongs" at CUHK. This is particularly the case for niche hobbies and interests which are not that mainstream. I have some niche hobbies myself, and while I do know that there are probably others out there who share the same interests as me, it is often difficult to meet them by chance alone. I therefore sometimes really wish that there is an online platform at CUHK which allows students with similar niche interests to have the opportunity to meet with each other.

Interested parties please contact me at

Thanks for reading!