Vibe To It is a music page and music production studio. We aim to promote and advocate western contemporary pop music and electronic dance music in Hong Kong by creating content on social media platforms. In particular, there are two core activities that we are currently undergoing. Firstly, we do music analysis and create music-related content on social media platforms, namely, Instagram and Youtube. Secondly, we also provide professional and economical music production services to amateur musicians to achieve music popularization. 


Sunny Passion Programme

#Sunny Passion

Our mission and vision
Vibe to It comprises of two members, and we are devoted to promoting western contemporary music. Hong Kong has long been a place dominated by Cantonese pop music, no double because the language is highly relatable and compatible with the local audience. While the music world evolves quickly in the west, Cantopop remained in its form. Us, as the music lover of the western pop music, we wish to promote pop music further and influence the music taste of the locals. 
Given that one of our founders is currently pursuing Professional Music Production and DJ bachelor degree in London. We have the international vision and the skills to produce a more diverse style of music incorporating Cantonese. We also wish to utilize our vision and knowledge to turn “make music” an easily accessible hobby for music enthusiasts in Hong Kong.
Our Duties
We create music-related content on social media like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. More specifically, we do song analysis and recommendations, music education on our social media platforms. We even produce our 100% original videos and music covers on Youtube. Since October, we have already published 6 videos with video length ranging from 5 to 12 minutes on Youtube. For example, there is a video that explained and demonstrate the use of Autotune in the modern music industry.
Current Achievements
Since October 2020, our page Vibe To It is founded. Browse us on Instagram or on Youtube at Vibe to It. 
Just in two months, we have accumulated more than 1500 followers and more than 16000 impressions on Instagram. As for Youtube, we have accumulated more than 1500 views. With a return on investment rate of about 20% just in two months, we wish to acquire more capital to boost the exposure of our page.
Apart from it, with the support from our audience, we have received more than 60 song requests from our music page. And we have nominated by some local blogs to be one of the most worth-supporting local content creators.

#Sunny Passion

Wu Chin Hon


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This sounds like a very interesting initiative! I would definitely be interested in listening to local singers who create English songs. I'm wondering "Why" and "How" promoting Western contemporary music can be beneficial for the industry or a specific population in the society? I wonder if having an explicit cause to advocate for can encourage greater interest for your platform.