Violence, the way out?

Sunny Passion Programme


We would like to raise public awareness on the issue of gender-based violence. The project would like to alleviate, if not tackle, the problem of gender-based violence through posting leaflets and collaborating with non-governmental organizations. ‘Zero Violence’  would be the vision we would like to achieve. Although it might sound unrealistic, we would try every endeavor to achieve this vision.




Domestic violence is a social issue that is always neglected. In the United States, more than 10 million adults experience domestic violence annually. According to the result of the international violence, about one in five respondents had experienced violence since age 16 in Hong Kong. It is difficult to imagine that it happens every day in this international city.


Distribution channel:


We would run a youtube channel and Instagram page to let the public be more aware of the issue. To attract teenagers and young audiences, we would like to use a more interesting and interactive way to present our idea, including but not limited to conducting quizzes on social platforms and video filming. Meanwhile, We will distribute posters in the college and urge college students to follow our Instagram page.



We sincerely hope that most Hongkongers, especially college students, could be benefited if the project is implemented. It is expected that people could easily access information regarding gender-based violence. Moreover, we hope that it will help to assure the importance of tackling violence against gender, and to spread the message: No one should be treated violently. Victims would know how to seek help from others after watching our videos as a result.


“If not me, who? If not now, when?”

 - Emma Watson on the HeForShe Campaign


Council of Europe


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Sending some support from project Heaven's Floor! This is a very nice idea, with a very clear business proposition and goals, directions. I like how you are intending to leverage social media and spread awareness on violence issues. Our team also aims to help people in the need of mental support where a lot of the times violence or bullying can be a major reason. Looking forward to your project and hopefully a collaboration soon!

Project Heaven's Floor Team
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A nice idea about violence! But we are a bit confused about which kind of violence you would like to focus. We think that you may focus on all of them as abundant content is good for long-term development. We do think the YouTube channel is a wonderful way to raise public awareness. Looking forward to your content planning of the video.

—“I am not…” Team