Idea: Sunny Passion Programme

心導旅遊 Intravel

Intravel is a local organisation aiming at advocating mindful tourism in Hong Kong. Mindful tourism is an alternative and contemporary travelling style that incorporates mindfulness into travelling. Mindfulness means “awareness of present experience with...




Let the patients be understood - Mental Disorders (Room Escape game)

Key activities
Through a series of room escape games related to the chosen mental disorders, participants have a chance to experience and know more about that disorder. By this game, we hope to raise the awareness of mental disorders and eventally achieve the de-...

Automated Irrigation System

I am going to ​make a 3DoF automated planting machine embedded with seeding, water spraying, fertilizing and data feedback functions which can be controlled by PC. By using 3D printing and some programminf skills, you can grow your own food by yourself.

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歸殼 HomeComm —— 無家者與大學生共居空間

What social issue / problem will the project tackle?

Our goal is to alleviate the existing homelessness issue as well as housing problem in Hong Kong. Also, the project will also tackle the issue of social integration, by eliminating the discrimination...



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(一) 核心問題

(1) 長幼兩代關係疏遠
1. 長者服務兒童及年輕人
2. 兒童及年輕人服務長者
3. 長者與年輕人一起服務社區

Life Redesign


To provide career and life planning consultations for teenagers who would like to get help in searching their meaning of life and career direction.

Building a learning community that helps people along their life journey....

Hands Off ! 手放开!

The main purpose of our product is to secure our customer's personal belongings. 

We aim on setting affordable prices, as our main consumer groups are college students, dormitory stayers who are using the school’s common areas, pantry, and public space with lesser...
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WeLeap 社會創業交流

Social entrepreneurship is a growing trend in Hong Kong. People are trying to use business to sustain social missions. Despite numerous of funding, technical support is limited especially to those who are not connected with NGOs and incubators. As competitors of social...