Idea: Workshops

Wallet Upcycling Workshop

I recent visited upcycling centre in St. James centre and saw wallets upcycled from old wallpaper samples. The material is durable and waterproof. Is it possible to host a workshop for upcycling wallets from durable materials commonly seen in the campus, such as banners? I...
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Beeswax Candle Making Workship

想搞蜂蠟蠟燭 workshop
可以upcycle 到好多嘢
用到玻璃樽 (之前啲雞精樽/其他mason jar) 

之前諗住自己買材料學整,不過好似幾複雜,想睇下 c lab 有冇人有興趣一齊搞

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TED Talk Party

Everyone knows TED Talks are fun and inspiring. But sometimes it is difficult to motivate oneself through picking a right video and listening to the English speech. So how about having some friends watch it together?

Imagine we had an "editorial panel" to pick videos for...
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Responsive Web Development Workshop (part 1)

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Let's do another workshop next term

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Internet of Things Workshop

Welcome to Bernard's workshop project. This project is designed to help more WYS students get to learn about Internet of Things for future development of their projects. Current team leaders for the workshop.

SK03 --- Jack Fong
SK02 --- Chan Chi Chung
SK01 --- Cheng...
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