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Curation in Transmedia Storytelling [超媒體的內容策展]

Presentation by Mr. Victor Tsang, Executive Director of PMQ Management Co Ltd at the College Forum held on 27 Feb 2015

App User Validation and Prototyping Tools

Usability Test for User Validation





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Presentation Guidelines

Thank you for your effort to share your ideas with all of us. It's probably the time you're busy converting your ideas into action. Here I have a few suggestions for you to take into consideration for preparing your final stretch. 

1) On Friday, all of you will...

Wake-One- Only Alarm Clock

Soap Stick Type

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No More Spilling

We often make our own coffee, hot chocolate or tea, and would like to take the finished product back to our comfortable sofa, however we face the major problem of spillage. This problem is often more emphasized when we wish to also make a friend's coffee and require a pan...

"The CU Cloud" app

Take the last piece of tissue easily!

Put some springs at the inner-bottom of the tissue box so when tissue paper is using up and the weight decreases, the springs can bring the tissue upward to see you! 

Magnetic Gym Suit

I think that the gym suit with magnetic property can help to solve this problem. With the client wearing magnetic gym suit and the coach wearing magnetic gloves, part of the suit and the gloves would slightly repel each other when the coach touches certain part of the...

Lost and found

Most people have their smartphones with them that they will never need to find where their phones are, and the app "Find my iPhone" has inspired me.
What if we design some sort of device like a modified keychain or a little clip which can be attached to the object, that...