Idea: Sunny Passion Programme

Sunny Green Forest 物綠心臨

To establish a marketplace that facilitates the practice of barter, enabling individuals to experience the fluidity of item ownership, while also instilling the concept of sustainability by valuing items that can be exchanged again.


Sunny Social

Peer-tutoring: As students, one of the most crucial problems we face is the completion of our academic tasks. While some of us are self-sufficient in that regard but the majority requires some form of assistance. One straight forwards solution may be to seek help from the...

Sportspathy – Prepare. Partner. Pursue.

Our objective is to offer a hand to secondary school students to improve their physical and mental well-being. Viewing the situation under COVID-19 where most secondary school students lack sufficient physical exercise and suffer from anxiety and...

PacknBack - the only package you need

Executive Summary:
Responding to the rising popularity of online shopping and the long-standing overpackaging issue, our business idea is to simply reduce waste by creating a new platform of green packaging service with reusable packages.
1. What kind of the...
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Violence, the way out?


We would like to raise public awareness on the issue of gender-based violence. The project would like to alleviate, if not tackle, the problem of gender-based violence through posting leaflets and collaborating with non-governmental organizations. ‘Zero...

5suggest5buy – Where Creativity and Good Luck Meet.

Under the pandemic, people are overwhelmed by pressure from family, school, work, society and life plans. It is noticed that many people only focused on their physical health, especially on protection against COVID-19. However, mental well-being is often...
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Homester - 大學生的一站式合租平台


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Heaven's Floor

Project Heaven’s Floor intends to provide students of CUHK access to mental health and social support resources, filling in the gaps that the University has not met in its current capacity. Drawing upon current capacities offered, Heaven’s Floor will synergize and...
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Elite PLUS

What kind of the social issue / problem will the project tackle?
We wish to tackle anxiety among high-achieving students in Hong Kong. More than 50% of university students in Hong Kong suffer from anxiety or depression, which is associated with an increased risk of suicide...

Donatify - Making Donations Easier


Project Title - Donatify : Making Donations Easier

The objective of this project is to establish a digital platform that connects donors around the world with people who need donations while keeping the identity of those...
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